We’ll Light Up Your Life

We offer residential and commercial lighting installations

Do you want to update your room’s lighting during a remodeling project? Could your company use more lighting in an office or conference room? Alliance Electric, LLC offers residential and commercial lighting installation. Our experienced electricians can install:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Lighting kits on ceiling fans
  • Recessed LED lighting
We want to be sure your property has the lighting you need. Call 307-315-6055 today to schedule lighting installations for your home or office.

 3 worthwhile reasons to upgrade your lighting

3 worthwhile reasons to upgrade your lighting

Are you happy with the lighting you have at home or in your office? There are numerous reasons to consider upgrading your lighting systems, including:

  1. Saving money on utility bills
  2. Taking advantage of rebates and incentives
  3. Increasing productivity
A lot of today’s bulbs are also built to last longer than older bulbs. Contact Alliance Electric today to upgrade your lights.